15 Year Anniversary

29/08/1956 - 28/06/1993


  1. I am an old friend of GG and Merle's and my name is Jordan Kratz from the Boston area.
    Last night my band played a show with Jonee Earthquake Band and The Murder Junkies at The Dutch Treat in Franconia, NH. The show was awesome.Mrs. Allin came out and introduced her son's band.All 3 bands soundedgreat and the audience was cool and respectful.Nothing was destroyed and the fans loved it.

    One thing I did not like and neither did Merle was going to the grave that day and seeing it defaced by probably ignorant fans of GG who think "he would want it done".
    Well that is not the case and I urge you if you go up to the grave sometime then don't frak it up !!! Drink some Jim Beam instead and toast him.There is no need to wipe shit "maybe peanut butter" on his grave.There is no need to write curse words on it.
    Be cool and respect GG the man and don't ever frak his grave up.

    you guys think his mom and family who still live up in LIttleton want to come down to clean up the grave.
    If there had been some paper towels or something in my van I would of cleaned it myself.
    Later, Jordan aka gorehound

  2. you're right jordan! I agree with you. the word shit in this post is just a irony of the word peace in gg's life. some people want to be like gg doing things that don't make sense, lacking respect on his grave...


  3. your blog is very good. i'm a big fan from France

  4. Ya I was lucky enuff 2 make it to his grave, but never got to see him live. Ofcourse people should chill and not have his mom cleaning up the mess.
    If you have any requests for your blog let me know. Maybe I can send u some stuff for you to post as I'm too lazy to make my own blog. CD rips, scans of album covers, articles ect.
    Any chance of higher resolution scans on your posts?
    Take it easy,


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